20' "Superior One" Telescoping Flagpole (Reg $399, SALE $299) - SILVER

Sale Price: $299.00
Compared at: $399.00
You Save: $100.00
Weight: Free Shipping


Standard Telescoping Flagpole
Recommended: Add a Convert to Rope Kit (+$55.95)
Standard thermoplastic threaded topper included
Recommended with standard telescoping flagpole option: Heavy strength aluminum topper insert - For heavier objects like antennas, eagles, etc (+$9.95)
No Flag: Flag is not included in Flagpole Purchase
3'x5' USA Nylon Flag (+$25.00)
4'x6' USA Nylon Flag (+$32.00)
No lights included
40 LED Lithium Solar light with Shipping (+$58.90)
48 LED Solar light with Shipping (+$58.90)
120 LED Solar light with Shipping (+$98.90)
120 LED Solar light with optional AC power charging adapter with shipping (+$112.90)
Standard swivel rings to fly Two 3'x5' Flags
Additional swivel rings to fly One 4'x6' Flag and One 3'x5' Flag (+$10.00)
No locking pin
Add a locking pin: The locking pin goes through the flagpole and ground sleeve for extra security (+$8.95)


20' "Superior One" Telescoping Flagpole - SILVER ANODIZED 
We silenced the competition forever. THE STRONGEST TELESCOPING FLAGPOLE IN THE WORLD.
If there are any doubts they can call us to dispute our claim, for surely we dispute theirs.

Our telescoping flagpoles are made with the first ever 7000-T8 (temper) series aluminum. The 7000-T8 series aluminum provides higher quality and higher strength than other telescoping flagpoles made with 6000 series aluminum. With a pole base of 2 3/4" and a base wall thickness of 10 gauge high strength aluminum, this design bridges the lower priced residential flagpoles with the more expensive commercial grade poles valued at hundreds of dollars.

Telepole guarantees its products with an exclusive, unique 15 year Warranty (including WEATHER damage).

You can take comfort in the quality and durability of your purchase, knowing that it was fabricated by Americans for Americans and partially assisted by one of Pennsylvania's leading engineer universities.

No inexpensive or cheap polycarbonate (Lexan) plastics are utilized in our manufacturing, only high quality thermoplastic materials to insure superior strength and backed by an unlimited warranty.

Our dual-locking design of high quality stainless-steel prevents any accidental dropping of the individual sections and flagpole damage that can occur with traditional spring loaded buttons and twist locks.

In cold weather, all Telepole flagpoles will not freeze, and will still be functional do to our special locking system unlike spring loaded and twist lock flagpoles.

For better operation, compatibility, strength and beauty, we are offering the ONLY true 20' telescoping Flagpole consisting of 5 sections instead of 4.

Telepole's ALUMINUM ground sleeve with locking capabilities will help deter theft and unwanted rotational movement.

The New "Superior One"20' Telescoping Flagpole is the Ultimate in design and strength and ready to serve you for many years to come.

So don't settle for mediocrity and higher prices when you can have the strongest and finest telescoping flagpole - The Telepole "Superior One."


  • 3" Aluminum ball;
  • A custom extra thick aluminum ground sleeve;
  • 3 Extra thick for maximum strength thermoplastic swivel rings, for a complete 360 degrees rotation of one or two flags;
  • An Extra ring to prevent the top flag from binding and/or lifting and sliding upwards in strong winds.
  • 4 rust proof, stainless steel clips;
  • Simple and easy to follow installation instructions;
  • 15 Year W A R R A N T Y (Including Weather)- Best in the industry

When comparing the strength of our poles versus our competitors:

  • "Superior One's" 7000-T8 aluminum series versus other telescoping flagpoles made with 6000 aluminum series
  • "Superior One's" 10 gauge wall thickness versus 16 gauge of other flagpoles will double the strength to the pole
  • "Superior One's" 5 sections instead of 4 sections of other 20 flagpoles, will also give you additional strength

The formula for the strongest tubes for all materials is:

1.Quality of material
2.Wall thickness
3.Diameter size
If one or more of the above is not present the tubes are not as high strength(contrary to false claims of other makers),like Telepole's "Superior One" is.

Orders can be placed online or by calling Telepole at (570)546-3699!

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Jeanbobriddle@yahoo.com
07/30/2017 - 07:15:49 AM
Great flag pole
I installed my Superior One 20 ft pole with LED solar light about a week ago. Everything is just as advertised, and in particular the quality of the machining and construction is excellent.

Some installation tips: I dug a 30in. hole using a post-hole digger and then put in about 4 in of pea gravel. For cement, I went to Home Depot for Quikcrete, a 60 pound bag. You don't need to mix it: just dump in hole and pour the measured amount of water (1.25 gal). I used about 95 percent of the 60 pounds. I did the cement/water in two layers of cement, water, cement, water. Also, I plunged a half-inch steel pipe in several times to insure the water was well mixed with the cement. The whole thing, including the ground tube, is bomb-proof.

The pole and flag are beautiful and make me proud everytime I look at it!
Reviewed by jrwane
05/15/2017 - 07:31:21 PM
Superior Flagpole
Received the 20' Superior One Telescoping Flagpole last week ahead of schedule. Dug a hole 32" deep and squared it off with 18" sides. Just being cautious as the instructions only call for 12".
The pole itself is truly Superior in quality and material. I could not have wished for a stronger pole. I am positive this pole will far outlast their warranty.
I did call Telepole once to find out the status of my order and to my surprise it was scheduled for delivery the very next day.
I looked at other flagpoles and do not believe any of them could match the strength and durability that this pole offers.
Reviewed by rodcochran
05/10/2017 - 11:19:16 AM
Superior 1 flagpole
I purchased the Superior 1 flagpole the end of April and it arrived May 8th.
I installed the ground sleeve on the 9th and set the pole up today
This is a very good looking pole and I like the pins that hold up the sections rather than the ones that you twist. My neighbor bought one of those twist type and when it is extended to 20 ft within a short time it is down to 10 ft.

This is a nice pole and you need to consider it over the other brands.
Reviewed by racebannon24@gmail.com
06/06/2016 - 10:00:21 AM
Superior One Telescoping Flagpole
I bought the Superior One 20' Telescoping Flagpole a couple of years ago and I am totally pleased with my purchase. I would highly recommend this pole to anyone that is wanting a flagpole. I'm selling my home in Florida now and I have to decide weather to take the pole with me to my new home or purchase a new pole. But regardless I won't have a home with a tele-pole in my front yard!!
Reviewed by joekuhn1
06/01/2014 - 11:16:14 PM
Superior 1
I purchased a Superior 1 pole about a half a month ago. I was extremely pleased with the quality of the pole. Very solid. When it arived, it was missing some minor hardware (A set screw and bolt for the ground sleeve). I called the company and they said it would be sent right away. I purchased a bolt from Lowes as I wanted to get the pole installed before the memorial day weekend. It had to be installed before the concrete was poured. I had to call back for the set screw as a week and a half went buy and it was needed to lock the pole into the sleeve. Te screw finaly did arive and I'm very happy with the pole. I'm going to order a 16 foot telepole for my back yard.