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Aluminum Telescoping Bird Poles

Telepole aluminum telescoping bird poles are most likely the strongest in the industry made of 6013 T-4, 11 gauge extra thick and high tensile aluminum of nearly double the thickness and tensile strength of all others. Telepole bird poles have a 5 year warranty, including weather related damage.

The same high quality strength and types of aluminum tubes are used for our 25'-30' flagpoles worth hundreds of dollars.

Available in three sizes of 10', 13',  and 15' featuring three sections with a 2” base. Whether you can use them as bird poles or as purple martin houses, you will be astonished with the convenient operation and strength. The various options of extending the bird poles to different heights is a unique and desirable trait.

Telescoping Bird poles start at $89.00, additional accessories available at an additional charge.  Browse our bird poles below to see the available options to mount bird houses, hang bird feeders, install bird bowl feeders, and protect your feeders from squirrels.