20' Classic Nautical Flagpole Kit "Nautipole"

Sale Price: $529.00
Compared at: $729.00
You Save: $200.00
Weight: Free Shipping


Standard Telescoping Flagpole
Recommended: Add a Convert to Rope Kit (+$55.95)
Standard thermoplastic threaded topper included
Recommended with standard telescoping flagpole option: Heavy strength aluminum topper insert - For heavier objects like antennas, eagles, etc (+$9.95)
No Flag: Flag is not included in Flagpole Purchase
3'x5' USA Nylon Flag (+$25.00)
4'x6' USA Nylon Flag (+$32.00)
No lights included
26 LED Solar light with Shipping (+$48.90)
40 LED Lithium Solar light with Shipping (+$58.90)
120 LED Lithium Solar light with shipping (+$98.90)
Standard Four Stainless Steel Clips to fly 2 flags
Additional Two Stainless Steel clips to fly 3 flags total (+$5.00)
Additional Four Stainless Steel clips to fly 4 flags total (+$10.00)
Additional Eight Stainless Steel clips to fly 6 flags total (+$20.00)
No locking pin
Add a locking pin: The locking pin goes through the flagpole and ground sleeve for extra security (+$8.95)


20' Classic Aluminum Nautical Telescoping Flagpole 

Introducing our Telescoping Nautical flagpoles, US Patent D743,840 S, high strength, made in the USA, the"Nautipole",a telescoping, Nautical Flagpole at very low introductory prices of 65-70%, lower than the one piece Nautical Flagpoles. 

Choose from five heights(16'-20'-25'-30'-40') and three different base diameters. The high properties, both chemical and corrosion, as well as it's high strength 7000-T8 series aluminum will guarantee you a trouble free use for many years to come. It is backed by fifteen(15) years warranty, weather included. 

This complete nautical telescoping flagpole includes:
  • The 20' Classic telescoping flagpole with a custom extra thick 24" aluminum ground sleeve
  • A 1.38" diameter yard arm (Positioned anywhere on the second section from the top of the flagpole with the locking set screw)
  • 2 Rope Cleats already attached
  • 2 Nautical Yardarm Ropes made with 1/4" solid braided nylon
  • A 3" gold ball topper
  • Four stainless steel clips and other installation hardware and instructions

The convenience, strength, portability and many other unique features of "Nautipole", stands higher above than any other Nautical flagpole you have ever known.  Manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA with one of the most expensive and strongest high strength aluminum in the market. 

Installing the aluminum ground sleeve is a breeze and it will get your flagpole up and running in no time at all. 

Also, the availability of various accessories makes this"Nautipole", portable and easy to move in case of any special events.  Many of the Nautical flagpoles are installed near high wind areas and under adverse conditions causing them to bend or break thus resulting in high expense replacements. 

Our fifteen years(15) warranty will cover such damages by replacing any of the four sections of our Telescoping flagpole at no cost to you, minus the shipping of any and all parts. 

You can raise or lower this flagpole in about 30 seconds and in case of inclement and very strong wind weather, you can protect both the flags and flagpole from any potential damage. 

Your center flag (usually the USA flag) will not tangle up and wrap around the flagpole as  in most of the one piece flagpoles but it will swivel/rotate with the wind. 

No more...:"Honey, I just bought a one piece Nautical Flagpole. And Honey, please write a check of $1,500-2,000 for it."

Simply charge your credit card and or bill-me-later, for a complete set consisted of 1.Flagpole 2.Yard arm 3.All pulleys, cleats,stainless steel clips, ropes and 15 years warranty, all delivered to your designated address. 

You can either order through our website or you can call us for any and all questions and orders.  Also, check our large variety of Nautical flags and letters and save on the shipping. 

Please, call at your convenience for this special offer that it will not  last very long and at this very low prices.

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