Installed Superior 1 25 foot flagpole today. It has 50 pounds of gravel, 6 2 foot pieces of rebar and 200 pounds of concrete. I don't think it is going to move. Follow the directions and in two days you can have a beautiful flagpole. I wanted one with a stronger tube. 16 gauge is not strong enough. I have two flags on mine. American flag and the U.S. Air force flag. Both are 4x6 feet. Thanks Again! For the prompt service.
Walter Kurycz Jr
The Telepole 20' Classic telescoping pole is the best product ever made. As a Veteran, I am VERY PROUD of the products you are manufacturing. Everything that was mentioned on Amazon about this pole was exactly as advertised.
Thank You.
~Jason Aboytes~
Jason Aboytes
We are truly blessed to be able to fly our flag high and proud. The quality of the material and ease of use make this tele-pole at joy to own. Thanks for fulfilling one of my dreams on our homestead.
Dwayne Smith
Recently purchased one of your 20 foot flagpoles and am very happy with it as we are on top of a hill and we do get some strong winds,,,very nice to have this landmark that is straight and sturdy.
from a Canadian in Cobourg Ontario,
Herman van der Veen, retired
I purchased the 16 foot classic telescoping flag pole in June 2011. I live in Central Florida with high humidity and strong winds. I fly a 3x5 US flag and never had one problem, Best company and flag pole you can buy bar none. Finish is as good as the day I installed never a problem putting it up or down,,,,Thank you for making the BEST FLAG POLE MONEY CAN BUY,,,,God Bless John Gove
John Gove, N/A

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