About Us

The Exim Trade Company was first established in 1984. It was renamed Telepole Manufacturing Inc in 2003 when the manufacturing of telescoping flagpoles became their primary product line. Telepole Manufacturing Inc. is dedicated to making the strongest, finest quality aluminum telescoping flagpoles in the industry today.

With our long experience in both the manufacturing and selling of telescoping flagpoles we have developed a unique, durable and appealing flagpole by simply eliminating some of the most common design problems.

In changing the design, we thicken up the pole walls and made the height more accessible for the average consumer. This revolutionized the ordinary 20' telescoping flagpole by using 5 sections of 5' each rather than the standard 6' sections. By doing so we can offer the most compact telescoping flagpoles available. In addition will also use no plastic parts or spacers between our sections. This eliminates the deterioration and rot that plagues other telescoping flagpoles. We have also removed the springs that can rust, break, or pop-out leading to the flagpole accidentally dropping. You can buy with confidence and know that all our flagpoles are manufactured by hand and tested for quality as the most durable product on the market and backing it with a 15 year Warranty (weather included). We are an All American company and proud of it and continue to "Strive for the Highest Quality at the Lowest Price Possible". This is our motto and we stand by it.