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Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. What is the difference between the Classic, Superior 1, Superior 2, Superior 3 and sectional flagpoles?

A.  First and foremost, ALL Telepole Manufacturing Inc. have a 15 year warranty, including weather!  All of the flagpoles consist of the same stainless steel spring loaded buttons.  Our flagpoles are made with high strength aluminum,

The Classic style flagpoles are a four section flagpole and has a base diameter of 2.4″, and a top diameter of 1.4.”
The Superior 1 style flagpoles are a five section flagpole and has a base diameter of 2.75″, and a top diameter of 1.4″.
The Superior 2 and Superior 3 flagpoles are also a five section flagpole.  They both have a base diameter of 3.5″ and a top diameter of 2.”


Q. What is 10 gauge aluminum?
A.  Metal wall thickness is measured in gauges. The higher the number of gauge the thinner they are.

For example, an aluminum tube sheet or plate measured in inches 0.0508 is 16 gauge and our Telepole wall thickness of 10 gauge is 0.101, double the wall thickness of a 16 gauge flagpole.

Also, the measurement of steel and aluminum in gauge is not the same. Steel of ten gauge is 0.1345 and aluminum is 0.1019 inches.

Telepole is the only aluminum telescoping flagpole that used 10 gauge versus 16 gauge or so of other flagpoles and that’s double the wall thickness.

Simply said, our aluminum tubes are practically double the wall thickness of any other telescoping flagpole, and we can surely said that out of 25,000 flagpoles we have sold the last few years, we had about 12-15 aluminum tubes that bent under very extreme weather conditions, and had to be replaced free of charge.

Just do the math: 25,000 flagpoles of five sections each equal to 125,000 tubes and only 12-15 tubes have been replaced.

What that really means in simple terms? A drop of a drop of xxx in the ocean? Be assure that Telepole will last for many, many years to come. Ever after the 15 year warranty have expired, we still replace any and all parts at a minimal cost.

Q.  Can I fly more than one flag?
A.  All of our flagpoles come with clips and connections to fly 2 (3’x5′) flags.  However, depending on the size of the flagpole and the size of flags that you want to fly, you may have to purchase additional (larger) rings to accommodate your flags.  Flagpoles 25′ and above are able to fly 4’x6′ and a 3’x5′ flag with the rings provided.  You can email if you have questions about the size flags you want to fly.

Q. Can I mount something other than a ball or eagle on top of the pole?
A.  Yes, all flagpoles have a 1/2″ threaded hole at the top of the pole.  Therefore, you can mount anemometer, cameras, small satellites, etc on the top of the flagpole; however, equipment should not exceed 10lbs.  Telepole’s warranty covers the flagpole to fly 2 flags only.  Please see warranty details below.

Q.  What types of winds will the flagpole take?
A. Telepole flagpoles will take 70-80mph winds.  Our 15 year warranty does include weather!  Please see our 15 year warranty below.
Q.  What is the 15 year warranty?
A.  “TELEPOLE Manufacturing”, 1975 John Brady Drive Muncy, PA 17756, extends a 15 year warranty on all the flagpole aluminum parts and/or sections. You MUST register your product online within 45 days, or this warranty will be void after 1 year from purchase date!  You may register your product directly by clicking on the following link: Registration
The warranty includes any damage that may render the flagpole inoperative due to wear and tear, possible defective parts and/or weather conditions.  The customer will be sent the appropriate parts for repairing the flagpole free of charge.  If the customer is unable to fix the flagpole, we will fix the flagpole FREE OF CHARGE.  However, the customer will be responsible for the shipping and handling charges to and from Telepole Manufacturing.
This warranty does not include theft and/or accidental or intentional damage due to striking or mishandling. Proof of damaged parts may be required in the form of a photo or physical presentation.  No new flagpoles will be sent to replace purchased ones.  In the case that any parts are needed to make the flagpole operable, all parts will be free minus shipping charges.All thermoplastic swivel rings are covered under warranty for one year in the event that a ring should break.  The customer is responsible for $4.95 shipping and handling (shipping price is subject to change).  Proof of damage to the rings must be provided through picture via email or standard mail.  After one year, the rings will be $5.00 per ring plus shipping (pricing subject to change). The above warranty does not apply to the flags, stainless steel clips, the ball on the top of the Flagpole, and/or discoloration, scratches, or peeling on the surface of the flagpole.  The above warranty applies only to the operation of the flagpole, not the physical appearance of the pole. Above warranty applies if and when the customer can fly one or two 3’x5′ or 4’x6′ flags only.
Although Telepole flagpoles are known for their unique strength and many of our customers have mounted successfully additional items than the ball provided and up to 10-12lbs of weight for antennas, WIFI, light bird feeders and houses – Telepole cannot guarantee any and all damage that could occur under any weather circumstances.
Simply said do not call us one month or fourteen and half years later because Telepole did not support your $50,000 microwave antenna under 10 or 100 miles wind per hour winds.
We do not warranty any and all other objects that you might want to mount on the top of the flagpole other than the ball that came with your package and/or a similar one.
Telepole is not responsible for any property damage or personal injury resulting from any weather like conditions occurrences.
Please use simple common sense and safety when it comes to install or use of your Telepole flagpoles.Using any types of lubricant (WD-40, etc) on the pole will void your warranty!!!
Q.  Are the flagpoles easy to install?
A.  Yes.  You can view the installation instructions here:

Q. What is your return policy? 
A.  Telepole is committed to customer satisfaction and will replace any defective or damaged items free of charge (not including shipping).

If a customer simply wishes to return an unwanted product or receives a nonfunctional part they reserve the right to return a product for a *refund* minus shipping and handling from and to their residency and in the original box, shape and condition, that the item was shipped from our factory. The Customer is responsible for the shipping charges to and from their residency to ours. Also, there will be a 15% fee of the purchased price for inspecting, restocking and repacking.

If a flagpole has been used in the ground there will be additional charge for replacing the bottom section, as well as all parts used for installation.

Returns MUST be returned within 10 days from the date of delivery to your residence or business. If a product has not been returned within 10 days the Sale is Final. This policy does not include any missing parts such as ball, hardware, and/or flags. These items will be replaced  after proof of loss has been established.  No new flagpoles will be sent to replace purchased ones.  In the case that any parts are needed to make the flagpole operable, all parts will be free minus shipping charges.

Q. How can I contact Telepole?
A.  You may email us at or call us (570)546-3699

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